You will certainly have to see to it to find emergency situation assistance if you think you could have taken way too much of this medication, as the symptoms mentioned might require to be managed.

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It could take much longer for the client to feel the perks of Lexapro treatment compared to anticipated, approximately 4 weeks in many cases.

“Also if you don't feel the advantages of your procedure right away - don't worry, as it may take you approximately 4 weeks to really feel the advantages of taking Lexapro.”

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Taking some medicines (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or pain killers) can contribute to the threat of easy blood loss or wounding.

If you have cardiovascular disease, thyroid illness, renal condition, liver condition, a current record of heart attack, or seizures an amount adjustment might be called for - you will be able to discover much more from your health and wellness care supplier.

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